Watercolor Tutorial – Covered Bridge

Watercolor Tutorial Covered Bridge

Who doesn’t love a covered bridge?  Well, being from New Hampshire, I love them.  When Art Impressions came out with this new watercolor set, I was in love.  I also love the trees that come in the set.   In this watercolor tutorial, I am going to show you how to make your very own Covered Bridge watercolor project.
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Easy Watercolor Painting – Chest of Flowers

Easy watercolor painting handmade card using Art Impressions Watercolor Stamps

When you see Easy Watercolor Painting do you think not you?  If you are like me and you love the look of watercolor paintings but you can’t paint, then I have the technique for you.  I will show you an easy way to watercolor using stamps and water-based markers.

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Announcement!! New Design Team Member Watercolor Weekends

I am so excited to announce the debut of Art Impressions Watercolor Weekends.  I am so honored that they asked me to join their Watercolor Weekends Guest Design Team.

I am joined by two wicked (can you tell I’m from New England) talented ladies Tricia Kennedy and Dot Freel.  You need to check out their work on instagram.  Check it out as it  starts this weekend August 5, 2017.

Now on to my project.

Watercolor Weekends Friends Blooms www.tobinartstudio.com

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AI Watercolor Tutorial – Vase of Flowers

Watch a tutorial on how to create this watercolor painting using Art Impressions stamps.
Art Impressions Watercolor Vase of Flowers

Hi!  I am back with another tutorial using Art Impressions Stamps.  I just love how quick and easy you can make a painting to use on a card or as a framed image to hang on a wall.

Today’s project uses only 4 stamps and 5 markers.  What could be easier?

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