AI Watercolor – Stone Bridge

Hi, I am using Art Impressions Stone Bridge for today’s project for this weekends’ post for Art Impressions Watercolor Weekend.  I just love these stone bridges, don’t you?  It reminds me of the one in Central Park NY.  It can be used for so many occasions, just add a sentiment.

I decided to create a stone bridge with rocks in a stream.  The rocks are actually created with a stamp from the 2016 Exclusive set that is only available when you take an Art Impressions class. I love them and use them often.

I inked the Stone Bridge with #86 African Violet.  I stamped it off a couple of times and re-inked it with #45 Sepia.  This creates a nice grayish brown color for the bridge and rocks.  After I softened and pulled the color out of the lines, I covered the bridge with a mask I made from a post it note.

The birch trees are inked with #45 Sepia and the tops of the trees are inked with #72 Pine Green.  I added water to the outside edges of the trees to keep them white and used more water on the tops of the trees to create a background for the leaves.  I stamped the leaves over the background to define them within the trees.

I added a bush of leaves on each side of the bridge in the #72 Pine Green. I added water and softened the leaves.  I stamped the rocks into the stream using the same combination of #86 African Violet and #45 Sepia.  I softened the lines and added some definition to the tops of the rocks.  Once that was dry, I added the water using #60 Salvia Blue first, adding #36 Manganese Blue and finishing it off with #3 Blue to get a nice highlight.

I added the tiny grass to the hill on each side of the river using #15 Olive Green.  To add a hint of sky I used a watered down version of #3 Blue from my palette.

Here is a close up.

Stone Bridge with River Stones

This is such a fun project to do.  I hope you will break out your stamps and markers and have a go!  If you want to see me create this project, I will be posting the video soon so head over to my YouTube channel and paint along with me.

I hope you are inspired to watercolor this weekend.  I look forward to seeing your creations.

Have a crafty day!!

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  1. Awesome watercolor! I just love those rocks you used and wish I had them. I really love how you painted the trees. That background green makes it look as if there are more trees further back. Just love it.

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