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Watercolor Money HolderWelcome to Watercolor Weekend!  This weekend’s project features a Watercolor Tag Money Holder that I created using Tim Holtz tag die decorated with Art Impressions Watercolor stamps.  I really love how quick and easy this tag was to create and it’s a really unique way to give the gift of money.

Here is what the back (inside) looks like.  I had to mask the money as it’s not legal to take pictures of cash (which I didn’t know until I tried to edit this pic…LOL).

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

Getting Started:

First, I traced the tag die on my watercolor paper with a pencil to make sure my image stayed on the tag as I didn’t want to cut it out prior to water coloring it.  I used my ruler to mark 2 inches from the top and 1.5 inches from the bottom.  These will be scored in order to create the pocket for the cash.  This will ensure my focal image will be where I want it on the front.

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

The watercolor part:

I used my stamp positioner to place my Rustic Cottage to the middle of the tag.  I inked it up using African Violet on the roof and Sepia on the rest of the cottage.  In order to protect the cottage, I used a post-it note mask while I stamped the birch trees (inked with Sepia and a little African Violet) behind it.  Once again, I used the stamp positioner to place it perfectly.

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

Once the stamping was complete, I removed the mask and using my paintbrush and water I pulled color from between the trees into the background and sky.  I let some of the paint in the sky dry and then came back in with additional water for some hard edges.

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

I pulled color from the edges of the roof (that were inked with African Violet) to create the illusion of a snowy roof.  Then, I pulled the Sepia from the cottage and added some additional Sepia and a mixture of Sepia and African Violet (creates a nice gray) from my palette and added it in lines to create a worn wood look.

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

Using my palette, I added some African Violet to create some snow underneath the trees and next to the cottage.  I added some Prussian Blue to create a stream.  You will notice I wasn’t too worried about the right had side of the piece as I am going to die cut this out and that will be cut off.

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

On one of the tags, I used the small fir top to create some pine trees using Pine Green.

Making the tag:

Once the piece dried completely, I lined up my tag die and ran it through my big shot machine.

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

Using my scor-buddy, I scored 2 inches from top, 1.5 inches from bottom.  You can use a bone folder to crease them.

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

To create the pocket for the cash, I added scor-tape (1/8 inch) to the bottom 1.5 inches along the sides.  I removed the backing and pressed it down.

Watercolor Tag Money Holder

You can add ribbon or twine to keep it closed.  I added ribbon to the hole (I used the reinforcement circle die in the set) on one of my examples.

That’s it, you now have a unique Watercolor Tag Money Holder to give cash in a special way.

I have a video showing you the entire process as well if you would like to see it in action, check it out on my YouTube channel.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today.   I hope you will join me, Dot and Tricia over at the Art Impressions Blog for Watercolor Weekend.  Upload your projects on Instagram and tag us, we would love to see your projects.


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  1. Just lovely, Tricia! I have been admiring your work on Instagram and am delighted to find your blog and videos. You have a new follower! For the 30 Day Coloring Challenge, I have been having fun with my Art Impressions Watercolor stamps. So grateful for your inspiration, Tricia! ~Dawn

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