AI Watercolor Tutorial – Vase of Flowers

Watch a tutorial on how to create this watercolor painting using Art Impressions stamps.
Art Impressions Watercolor Vase of Flowers

Hi!  I am back with another tutorial using Art Impressions Stamps.  I just love how quick and easy you can make a painting to use on a card or as a framed image to hang on a wall.

Today’s project uses only 4 stamps and 5 markers.  What could be easier?

I start out by stamping the vase using my African Violet marvy marker.  I want it to be white so this is the color that you should use.  It is used to create the shadows on the vase.  I use the Olive Green marker to create the foliage.  I like to start stamping the bottom vines and then add the flowers.  Once the flowers are in I fill in any areas with additional vines.

Make sure when you add the water you don’t add too much.  There should be white space left between the vines and flowers to create the three dimensional look that you are trying to achieve.

Want to watch this painting come to life?  Check out my youtube video.   Become a subscriber so you don’t miss future videos.



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