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Winter CottagesWelcome to the first Watercolor Weekend of 2018!  This weekend I decided to make these cute Winter Cottages nestled in the snow.  Winter is my favorite time of year.  I know, you are like, WHAT??  We are snowmobiliers and we LOVE this time of year.  I think having a winter sport helps you pass the cold weather in a fun way, until the next favorite season, SUMMER.

I hope to bring you lots of inspiration this year and lots of new videos (new year’s resolution!).  Please make sure you leave me comments on my blog or YouTube channel and let me know what you want me to demonstrate for you!

How I created the winter cottages…

First, I stamped the WC Mini Cottage in the front in Sepia.  I cut a mask out of post-it notes, covered it to protect it while I stamped the next cottage in Sepia as well.  I placed this cottage to the left and overlapping the first cottage slightly.  I cut another mask and covered this cottage.  I then stamped the third cottage to the left and slightly higher than the second cottage, and overlapped it slightly.  I followed the same procedure for the last cottage.  I used a stamp positioner to place each cottage where I wanted them.

By stamping the winter cottages this way, it creates the illusion that the houses are along an actual road.

I pulled the color out of the lines and added color from the palette to each cottage.  I added a small amount of texture to the front of the first cottage using Sepia.  I added snow with African Violet.

I replaced the masks over each of the winter cottages.  I used the large fir top from the WC Fir Tree Set to stamp the trees behind the cottages in Bottle Green and Pine Green.  I added Black and Sepia to the left side of the cottages to create the idea of a snowy street.  Using Blue I added the sky.

Winter Cottages

I cut the water colored piece to 3.75 x 5 and adhered it to a Gina K Designs – Christmas Pine Cardstock that measured 4 x 5.25.

This is such a fun project and I would love to see you give it a try!  Thanks so much for stopping by today.   Please be sure to check out my awesome team members Dot and Tricia and their Watercolor Weekend projects.  Check out the Art Impressions blog for all the weekend projects!.  Upload your projects on Instagram and tag us, we would love to see your projects.

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